God is the strength in which I trust. That was the daily workbook lesson from A Course in Miracles on February 16, 2021. I read that message the day after losing power during one of the coldest periods in Texas history.

As I sat in my home without power that was clocking in at 46 degrees Fahrenheit, looking over my neighborhood that was sitting at a balmy 34 degrees Fahrenheit, I recognized that I could place my trust in no one but God and his strength.

In the Bible, it is said that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. In this situation, I was weak as so many in Texas were, crippled by the lack of power and the inability to venture anywhere due to horrible road conditions, few accommodations with power and the desire not to subject myself to getting COVID-19.

So many of us had relied on the fact that our government officials and the state power distributor had our best interests at heart. After spending one of the coldest nights in over 100 years without power, I can unequivocally say that is not the case. As seen in the media, one of our elected officials jetted off to warmer climates while we suffered here, blaming his kids for the decision rather than owning up to the fact that he was at fault. Similarly, we learned that the state power distributor is run by individuals who don’t even live in Texas, so how could they fully appreciate what Texans were going through. 

I will say that it’s hard to be productive when you can only think of trying to keep warm. I’ve never slept so much in a 24 hour period or eaten less. I totally get why bears hibernate. Still, I mustered up the energy to write this because I had to find some outlet to vent the rage I felt over yet again money being put over people’s lives. My fingers were numb as I held the pen through gloved hands to write this manifesto.  I simply could not let this time pass and not give voice at yet another man-made system that has failed its people by failing to prepare itself. 

I look forward to being able to hold these powers that be accountable. As Northern friends think that we were ill prepared, let me be clear, we weren’t. Most of us had our power shut off. It had absolutely nothing to do with the weather. Nothing was communicated to tell us to expect power shortages or to have food that did not need heat to be prepared.  Let me tell you though, in the dead of winter, you don’t want to eat freezing tuna, brick hard cookies, cold chips, or drink freezing water. You want a warm meal. If we’d known in advance that shortages were possible, I’m sure many of us would have ventured elsewhere. I definitely know I would have as my dad was only 7 hours away with a fully powered house.

I will also let you know that a day after getting power back and attempting to thaw out, I sent letters to my elected officials in the hope that this NEVER happens again. I’ve heard of multiple lawsuits filed and aid from the federal government through FEMA for those who have experienced damage to their homes because of the gross negligence of the power distributor and our state government. 

Still, I am scared that these powers will escape without being held responsible through means of sovereign immunity and I fear that they may even attempt to recoup losses by overcharging customers these next few months. I pray that I’m wrong on both counts. Historical evidence says I’m not, but that book I spoke about at the beginning, A Course in Miracles, asks me to see things differently. It asks me to throw away the pre-conceived notion, so that I can see a miracle instead. Today, I choose to see miracles as I continue to see the individuals who allowed this disaster to occur through lack of preparation, greed and mismanagement held responsible.