My daily ritual is different every single day.  It’s a non-daily daily ritual. As an intuitive being, I have found that I have to follow my inner guidance for what I do every day. I will say that I do start every day with meditation, well, I meditate at least once each day and it usually happens in the morning. Most days, my alarm goes off and I hit play on my Kundalini mantra meditation. Some days I wake up, hit the alarm and stare at the ceiling or pull up a YouTube video, read an article and go down a wormhole until I remember that I really want to hear that Kundalini mantra meditation, so then, I hit play.

After that, I usually read my devotionals, which consist of A Course in Miracles and a devotional based on A Course in Miracles. I say usually because sometimes those wormholes can divert my attention and push these readings until later in my day. I’ll sometimes add another daily reading like Wayne Dyer’s Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life or Kyle Gray’s Raise Your Vibration or Gabby Bernstein’s Miracles Now to accompany me through part of the year and sometimes, I don’t.

I dance some mornings, and some mornings, I want to breathe and stretch, so I will do a quick Kundalini kriya warmup in my chair during breaks at work. Sometimes, I write. Sometimes, I read. Sometimes, I listen to playlists on Spotify and depending on my mood, it could be meditation mantras, instrumental music or pop hits that put me in a good mood.

I also usually pull an oracle card to start my day and give me guidance on what I need to focus on throughout my day or on what I need to be mindful of.

I may use the time after work to do a traditional Hatha or Vinyasa or Yin yoga session depending on what my body is wanting at the end of the day.

As you can see from the above, everything is usually, sometimes and may. Nothing is rigid or fixed. The point is that my daily practice varies every day and I vary the times I do the things I do. It’s not strict. It’s flexible. It changes. Just like life. What I need in this moment may not what I need in the next. My daily practice should reflect that. There are certain aspects that might be fixed in that I do them every day, but even they shift in the times I do them.

I say all this to encourage those who struggle with finding and implementing a daily practice. I, too, struggled initially because I thought my daily practice had to look a certain way and it had to be the same each day. It doesn’t. I do what works best for me and you should do what works best for you.